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20 October 2021
Just as a Formula 1 car cannot win without a good driver, a car cannot perform to its full potential without good software. Here are some of the features you should expect from your production software. Usability This is software at the operator’s disposal, not an operator at the disposal of software. User-friendly software means … Continue reading "A good machine demands good software, a great machine demands software with superpowers."
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30 July 2021
A handshake. A signature. You have just purchased your new punching or bending machine. Perhaps you even got a great discount. You are definitely satisfied. However, the most substantial part of your experience with the machine has yet to begin. What about process configuration? What about solving a small problem? Is a technical intervention or … Continue reading "99% of your experience with a machine takes place after you purchase it. That’s why it is so important to have excellent technical assistance."
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