Automatic punching machines

Euromac specialises in the manufacturing of products and technological solutions aimed at optimising production processes in the sheet metal working sector. Sorting Cell is a fully automated loading and unloading system that can be integrated with all Euromac punching machines.


Why should Sorting Cell be coupled up to punching machines?
It optimises the production cycle
It guarantees greater control over production times
It ensures greater precision, avoiding the need to perform micro-unions and reworking on finished parts

It directly palletises the finished parts so that they can be sent onto the next machining stage.
It works thanks to Euromac software
No manual labour is required.

Time is a critical success factor in the manufacturing process. Sorting Cell is the ideal solution to speed up the production and assembly of finished parts, achieving complete traceability of the manufacturing process. The modular system to configure your own fully automated bending cell. Euromac provides a complete solution, designing and developing each element of the structure, from machine to robot integration, up to the software managing the manufacturing process. Euromac automated press brakes, the ideal solution to optimise bending quality and production times.




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