27 June 2024

Digibend and automatic angle control. An unstoppable evolution!

The market and our Digibend horizontal press evolve in tandem!

The Digibend was one of the first sheet metal forming machines we made.

The machine is resilient, precise and easy-to-use, which is why it immediately became one of our customers’ favourite products.

And that’s not all.

Buoyed by this success, we continued to improve the Digibend. However small the changes, they all helped make the machine more precise, ever simpler, and increasingly efficient.

Today we wish to tell you about our latest development.

Calculation of the bending angle: Digibend does this automatically

The calculation of the angle and length of material lie at the heart of every bending process.

Digibend has long been able to minutely calculate the length of the material while minimising waste, and is able to make bends with a high degree of precision. These operations used to require human intervention due to the disparate nature of the materials. But not any more.

Digibend now bends with a new and higher level of precision and does so by transforming an assisted operation into a fully automatic action.

How does it do this?

Stability, ease, precision: Digibend!

Those who have used the Digibend are familiar with the stability offered by the one-piece Meehanite® cast worktop.

This stability ensures the precision that has made the Digibend such a popular tool in the industry.

The Digisoft software, instead, is what makes the Digibend so user-friendly, as it allows any operator to programme the length of the workpiece almost automatically.

The new Digibend and the new version of Digisoft together now enable the operator to manage the complete bending process: from drawing to machining and automatic control of the workpiece itself.

An unstoppable evolution!

Digibend has come a long way since the first model in 1990. And it will go a long way yet!

Many great innovations are already being tested, so keep following us to find out when the new fully automatic Digibend will see the light of day!