Cell Soft

FX CELL Supervisor

Modifying your job becomes easy and takes so little time. This is the added value. With Fx Cell Supervisor, you can:

  • modify all parameters of bending cells
  • choose the right gripper, activate or deactivate suction cups
  • select workpiece loading position
  • select unloading position
  • activate or deactivate double sheet and thickness checking

And all this can be done directly, using our Fx Soft interface and without having to modify your programme. It is all at your fingertips, and is easy and quick.

FX CELL 3D Optional Software

Fast and easy programming, even when it comes to the most difficult jobs.
Off-line programming software works side-by-side with FX Bend Cell to become the optional element that completes the cell. It will allow you to get a preliminary overview of movements and therefore check efficiency to make any necessary corrections. Thanks to the 3D display and to palletising data control, you can gain an overall view of your job and reduce production time to a minimum.

• Drastically reduces machine downtime and programming time.
• Offers a preliminary overview of the work cycle’s efficiency so that you can make your modifications, if these are necessary.
• Facilitates robot programming activities.
• Facilitates palletising data display and setting.
• Automatically creates a press programme and robot programme.