30 July 2021

99% of your experience with a machine takes place after you purchase it. That’s why it is so important to have excellent technical assistance.

A handshake. A signature. You have just purchased your new punching or bending machine. Perhaps you even got a great discount.

You are definitely satisfied.

However, the most substantial part of your experience with the machine has yet to begin.

What about process configuration?
What about solving a small problem?
Is a technical intervention or a replacement necessary?

Who will take care of all this? How long will it take? At what cost?

Machine downtime can stop your entire production for hours. Or even days.

Technical assistance is a fundamental aspect of a machine, and one that should be given due consideration when purchasing.

What should excellent technical assistance be like?

  • It must rapidly provide you with solutions: the phone must not go unanswered. Ever.
  • It must be able to be carried out remotely: when machine downtime occurs, you cannot afford to wait for the technician.
  • Staff must be readily available in the local area: the possibility of availing yourself of an expert technician who knows the language and the peculiarity of the country is invaluable
  • It must be provided by someone who has in-depth knowledge of the machine, such as its manufacturer
  • It must be based on self-diagnostic systems already present on the machine: preventing faults is always the best strategy

This is the kind of technical assistance you should ask your suppliers for, and this is the kind of technical assistance we at Euromac are committed to providing our customers with every day.