11 May 2022

Would you like to increase your company’s productivity? It is only a matter of time. Thanks to our solutions, you can do it in just a few hours!

How much time does your company need to achieve maximum productivity?  

In an increasingly competitive market, where only the most efficient companies survive, timeliness is everything.  

The efficiency of your production lines is measured by the speed of your processes.  

How long does it take your machines to be operational?  

If you buy a new piece of equipment, how long will it take you to achieve the maximum output? 

In most cases it takes months. If you are lucky, a few weeks.  

With our Digibend horizontal press brake, it only takes a few hours.  

When time is on your side… 


It is capable of bending any type of material, from the most malleable such as copper and aluminium, to the most resistant such as iron and steel, Digibend is the ideal solution for both small and large companies that wish to optimise their productivity while ensuring a constant high-quality standard

Valuing every moment. 

For this very reason, the distinguishing feature of Digibend is an extremely short timeline.  

It gives you a strategic advantage over all competitors, by relying on our press brake, in less than a week you will have already achieved: 

☑ Purchase 

☑ Delivery 

☑ Installation  

☑ Equipment training 

☑ The start of production 

☑ The highest possible output 

…your productivity will go through the roof! 


Simple and fast, powerful and versatile. 

Digibend’s greatest strength is its ability to embrace the logic of Plug & Play – connect and use – in two ways.   


All an operator needs to do is plug the Digibend into the mains and your production process can start immediately. No activation, no technical parameters or special configurations are required.  


Within a very short time, not only will your production process be up and running, but it will reach full capacity, guaranteeing you the highest possible output

Facilitating and speeding up processes that would otherwise have been more costly and time-consuming.  

At #Euromac we value your time. What about you? 

👉 If you would like further information about Digibend or other solutions we have designed for your company, please contact us.