7 July 2022

The results of our tour of trade fairs speak for themselves. But they are more than just numbers: they are also about the past, present and future of your business.

The 14 fairs in which Euromac has taken part since the beginning of spring 2022 have now ended. At these fairs, our team entered into and cultivated many collaborations.

Some of these were with companies like yours.

In particular:

  • We met more than 7.000 companies 
  • We shook more than 16.000 hands 
  • And more than 200 customers voiced their satisfaction

But the real star was not us.

Because you always come first and foremost

Studying, designing and manufacturing machines that allow you to produce things more efficiently has been our job for over 30 years.

But if you ask us what inspires our technicians, the answer might surprise you…

They are inspired by you and your business, and the specific needs of your production department.

This is why our team is able to respond in a targeted way to the problems you face every day and can offer you the most suitable solution for any eventuality.

It is thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the sector in which you operate that we at Euromac can decide what resources to focus on, what components to improve and what new equipment to design to revolutionise your market.

Our machines around the world

There are more than 11 states in which we have presented our small automatic cells and our latest invention: the XT punching machine.

This product is appreciated by many for its high performance and flexibility of production, being able to perform punching, forming, bending, threading and ribbing.

And more besides!

But in addition to efficient and innovative machines, those companies that turn to us can also count on prompt assistance, many years of technical expertise and personalised support!

Want to know more about our products or services that we have designed specifically for your company? Click here!