26 October 2023

Multitool makes your Euromac punching machines more efficient

We design our punching machines to be powerful and efficient tools, the Multitool allows you to push them further.

Flexibility: up to 16 tools simultaneously

The new Multitool is compatible with every Euromac punching machine, and can mount up to 16 tools to cover every punching need.

You can choose from 192 different tools getting the configuration that best suits the job.

Speed: automatically change the tool in 0.3 seconds

Start the stopwatch. Choose the tools. Load them into the Multitool. Stop the stopwatch.

That will be the time needed for changing tools.

The rest of the process will be automatic and extremely fast, just 0.3 seconds  per punch change in the multitool, ensuring unimaginable outputs.

Savings: the dockable tools are simple and cheap.

The simplicity of the tools installed in your multitool guarantees high reliability, reducing downtime and repair costs.

Each punch has a much lower cost than its standard counterpart, allowing additional savings.

Multitool: expand your margins

Less human resources, more production efficiency, less downtime, more savings on repairs. Higher margins.

Multitool is not a company cost, but a sound investment.

Like many other companies, you probably already use and appreciate Euromac punching machines. With the Multitool they can be more efficient. Contact us.