4 May 2023

Management. Production. Reporting. Inventory. EasyPM: complete control over every aspect of your business

When does a process really start? When the machines start up? Or during the design stage? Or even earlier, when you purchase the materials?

Your margin depends on your production costs and your production costs depend on the entire production process.

Having full control means combining the overview of the entire process with granular analysis of each of its stages.

EasyPM, our management software, was created precisely to give you this full control.

Complete real-time monitoring

With EasyPM you can monitor every stage of your production process in real time.

This will allow you to quickly adjust your costs, handle unforeseen events with skill, and easily manage increased demands from your customers.

EasyPM will enable you to increase your company’s responsiveness and resilience in a changing market, that is certainly not as simple as the one we are in now.

Software that goes beyond the borders of your business

Managing processes within your company is vital, but it is not enough.

For this reason, EasyPM also allows you to manage contractors and purchases of resources. It can integrate with management systems and help you to prioritise orders according to your customers’ requirements and timetables

Record the past, optimise the present, simulate the future

Thanks to EasyPM, all data collected in the past will always be available to you. And that’s not all!

EasyPM can automatically adapt your production processes in real time according to your machine load, order priority, and material availability.

What’s more, with EasyPM you can also simulate and compare the costs of manufacturing your products according to complexity, machine cost and raw material prices.

Machines, warehouses, shipping and tracking

Manage machine start-ups and stops, manage the warehouse, facilitate shipments and take care of tracking. EasyPM can do all of this.

If you were looking for software to help you manage all of your company’s production processes, now you’ve found it. Find out more about EasyPM!