21 December 2022

Machine Training: An Unavoidable Cost? With Euromac, it becomes a competitive advantage!

Machinery costs money, as does your staff’s time. To be competitive today, it is essential that staff are trained perfectly in the use of the tools.

But training — and retraining — also come at a cost.

We at Euromac know this and have always worked to help minimise it.


We design our machines and software to be very user-friendly from the very beginning. An example? Our famous Digibend.

This powerful and precise horizontal bending machine bends all types of material, and your technicians can learn to use it — at peak performance — in just a couple of hours.


Our software is designed to support users and not vice versa.
To speed up the most repetitive tasks.
To guide you during operations.

Who said that more automated equipment necessarily requires complex software?

At Euromac — unlike many others — we put the same care into our software as we do into our machines, so that they are simple, reliable and powerful!


Why spend time and resources training everyone the same way?

We can provide a complete course for your senior technicians — either on-site or remotely — covering all aspects of a given machine, teaching them how to prepare projects and automate procedures.

Projects and procedures that your junior staff can handle, even with less training.

In this way, you can reduce training costs, be more efficient in the design phase and ensure operational autonomy, which translates into higher quality!

Whatever your production needs, with Euromac machines, you can turn training into a competitive advantage for your business.

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