20 October 2021

A good machine demands good software, a great machine demands software with superpowers.

Just as a Formula 1 car cannot win without a good driver, a car cannot perform to its full potential without good software.

Here are some of the features you should expect from your production software.


This is software at the operator’s disposal, not an operator at the disposal of software.

User-friendly software means fewer errors, more speed, lower costs and greater efficiency. This makes it quicker and easier to train a new technician to use it. Tackling even complex machining tasks becomes feasible for several people.


Software capable of effectively managing increasingly complex machining operations

The world is evolving and demands ever more complex work from us. It is less and less rare to find parts that require dozens of bends and scores of movements on each of the three axes. When you enter the realm of complexity, the limits of the software become the limits of the machine. That’s why you need it not to have any.


Software ready to interact with all your machines, even those of other makes.

Who should decide which machines you will use for your production process? You or your supplier?

Closed software (vendor lock-in) will force you to work only with the machines of a single manufacturer. Open software will give you the freedom to use the machines you consider most suitable.


Software that integrates with your entire production process, from warehousing to invoicing, via ERP and management software

True automation is only achieved when all process steps can be managed by software and supervised by humans. Fewer errors, more speed and, thanks to data analysis, the possibility to identify bottlenecks and optimise your production process.

Technical Support

A technician at your disposal, to solve any kind of problem, is only a click away

Every glitch risks halting your production process. Machine downtime may cause you to lose money and customers. For this reason, good software must integrate remote technical support, so that a specialised technician can come to your aid when necessary.

According to us at Euromac, these are the characteristics that effective production software should have. We believe in it so much that we have spent many years and a great deal of money to ensure that our software has them all.

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