29 March 2023

EasyCell and EasyBend: the Future is Already Here. Unlock the full potential of your bending machines

A powerful, precise machine and versatile, easy-to-use software: these are the ingredients of perfect automation.

EasyCell and EasyBend: the leaders of your band

A robot, a bending machine, a wide selection of tools, sheet metal, pallets.

All this must work in unison to make your part, to achieve true automation.

This is where our EasyCell and EasyBend come in. Software designed to simplify and automate each of the operations required to produce the finished part.

With our software, a technician can easily program the robot and the bending machine so that they can carry out the entire process without the need for human intervention.

Choose a safety level and simulate the entire project

Time is money. Energy is money. Your staff’s commitment is money.

Thanks to our software, you can simulate the entire project, without even performing a single real bend.

This means that you will save the time needed to uncover potential bottlenecks, you will conserve energy and you will be able to employ staff members in other productive tasks.

With EasyCell and EasyBend, you save 3 times.

Fast learning and even faster support

It is possible for software to be both powerful and usable software, but only if you design it for simplicity from the outset, as was done with EasyBend and EasyCell.

Through our training programme, which can also be run remotely, one of your technicians can master the creation of automation programmes in just a few days.

And the time it takes to learn how to run existing programmes is even shorter. You’ll be able to train staff to work alongside your technician very quickly.

Financed automation, thanks to Industry 4.0

The focus of Industry 4.0 is to push Italian companies towards automation and interconnection. Therefore, EasyBend, EasyCell, and our robots and machines can be financed through government funds.

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