28 April 2022

Digibend: a great solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The market evolves, technology advances, everything seems to undergo change. But there are tools you choose to carry with you forever.

Reliable, versatile, accurate, surprisingly functional products.

For many companies, our Digibend press brake has become one of these products.

The tool you need…

Today, more than 20,000 Digibend press brakes are operational worldwide.

They fold, punch and cut practically any type of material. Digibends have the power required to bend steel bars with thicknesses of 8cm or more as well as the accuracy required for the most complex copper work.

A hydraulic press guaranteed for thousands and thousands of folds with centesimal accuracy.
A worktop obtained by machining a single block of nodular cast iron.
Solid and incredibly reliable electronics.

Digibend press brakes are built to last.

And to keep it simple. To be installed and used.

  • 3 square metres
  • A power socket
  • An operator

If you have this, you have everything you need to use Digibend for years and years to come.

What can you use it for?

… In fact, it represents ALL the tools you need!

For bending, punching, but also for cutting and straightening iron, copper, steel, aluminium, plastic.

Digibend has at its disposal a range of dies, punches and tools that enable it to carry out an infinite number of machining operations.

And the term ‘infinite’ is not used here by chance. In addition to the wide range of ready-made dies, we provide you with the necessary specifications to make your own tool.

What about that special case you didn’t know how to solve?
What about that particular process for which you couldn’t find the right tool?

Now you’ve found it: it’s called Digibend.

Does it work on small quantities? Does it work on large quantities? It works on both!

Digibends are very effective on prototyping and small quantities.

But not only that.

Once you have set up a programme, using our Digisoft software and the very simple touch interface, your Digibend press brake will be ready to work on large quantities!

The operator simply follows the on-screen folding and punching instructions and is able to achieve maximum productivity. Within minutes.

A man/machine combination capable of achieving numbers that do not disfigure against much larger and more automated plants.

👉 If you are looking for a tool you will choose to rely on for years to come, don’t hesitate to contact us!