11 January 2023

1 Digibend = save 6 times. With Euromac, machines are more than just tools!

For over 30 years we have been creating innovative equipment to ensure the best machines for your production department.

Like Digibend, our horizontal press brake that gives you not 1, 2 or 3… but 6 advantages!

  • Flexibility
  • Simplicity
  • Precision
  • Reliability
  • Sophisticated software
  • Tax incentives

In short, you save 6 times because Digibend is…

One machine for several tasks

Bends, punches and cuts copper, iron, aluminium, steel and plastic.

With its many dies, tools and user-friendly control system, it allows your technicians to produce replicable or customised parts.

From the very first use because it requires…

Very little training

Training the tool takes only half a day: in just a few hours you can reach full production capacity with…

Precise machining at all times, even after thousands of parts

Precise and stable Digibend guarantees high repeatability of bending and maximum accuracy, even for the most demanding applications.

Thanks to its weld-free Meehanite┬« 700N/mm 2 cast iron structure, it allows the parts to fold in on themselves, saving on welding, time and resources since Digibend ensures…

Minimal downtime and maintenance

Tried and tested and extremely reliable, Digibend requires no special maintenance.

In addition, it offers your technicians the possibility of scheduling operations even from the office with…

Easy-to-use software that automates common tasks

With Digisoft’s new graphic software, your staff can develop production processes automatically.

Simple and intuitive, it features: automatic calculation of the bend angle, optimal bending sequence and length of the part, and functions for importing the DXFs of tools and finished parts.

It also ensures…

Industry 4.0 ready = tax incentives

Thanks to the new graphical Touch control with integrated Wifi, Digibend is Industry 4.0 ready and allows you to take advantage of tax incentives!

Are you ready to save 6 times? Optimise your production with Digibend. Contact us!