24 June 2022

When functional is also beautiful. The XT Punching Machine receives a Delta Award for Industrial Design!

For us at Euromac, machines are much more than just machines.

They are pieces of equipment that help our clients to produce more efficiently. They are tools that become true pieces of Design.

This has now been recognised by the ADI-FAD—the Industrial Design Association linked to FAD, Fostering Arts and Design—which selected our XT punching machine as the winner of a prestigious bronze Delta at the 2022 Awards… for Industrial Design!

One of Europe’s best

The Deltas are international awards that celebrates excellence in industrial design.

They highlight the central role that this plays both as an element expressive of our culture and as a requisite for creating wealth within the industrial economy.

Classifying us as one of the top three in Europe is a result of which we are particularly proud.

Because it means that our clients—and others—appreciate the work done by our technicians and by the entire Euromac team.

A team that produces machines capable of optimising your production and of shaping the objects that are part of our daily lives to give them a new look.

Tailored to humans.

Tailored to your business

Considered an innovative product that introduces an innovation in concept, an advantage for environmental issues as well as an excellent example of design and production quality, our XT punching machine belongs to a wide range of products. 

Efficient machines, equipped with the best components in terms of hardware and software, and complete with prompt assistance. 

Able to deliver bespoke, customised, high-performance solutions!

If you want to know more about this award or products studied specifically for your sector: contact us!