30 June 2021

Euromac XT Punching Machine: eXTraordinary Technology

Continuous innovation has always been Euromac’s trademark.

Today we present our revolutionary new punching machine: Euromac XT.

High performance and production flexibility

Punching, forming, bending, threading, ribbing.

Not only can the Euromac XT Punching Machine perform each of these tasks perfectly, it can do so with unprecedented speed and efficiency, reaching up to 1100 strokes per minute with a consumption of just 3 KW

Great structure, strong personality

When the XT flexes its muscles, it knows how to impress.
It has a working area of 3000 x 1500 mm without repositioning, a punching force of up to 30 tonnes and a combined axis speed of over 130 metres per minute. It boasts rock-like stability with its MeehaniteⓇ Monobloc structure.

eXTraordinary technology

Three different versions: hydraulic, electric and hybrid.

Loading and unloading can be fully automated thanks to its Sorting Cell System.

XT is the punching machine for those who don’t want to wait for the future, they want to live it now!