10 November 2020

“Euromac has very advanced technology.” The testimony of Stefano Ferrazzo, name partner of 2F Thermo S.r.l.

The comparison with our customers and their testimonies help us to grow and develop our products so they are increasingly more oriented towards the optimisation of production times and executive quality.

Stefano Ferrazzo, name partner of 2F Thermo, a Milan-based company dealing with light-medium structural metalworking in the industrial air-conditioning and heat-ventilation sector, highlights precisely the speed and precision as the values of paramount importance found in both the Euromac MTX punch press and the new FX Bend 2550 press brake, machines that have enabled 2F Thermo to increase its production capacity by more than 50%, ensuring the constant and high quality standard of the finished product.

Also with regard to the technical support that Euromac can provide, the owner of 2F Thermo says: “On the rare occasions when we have required assistance, Euromac has proved to be present and on time in order to avoid any downtime and this is absolutely crucial for us during this period.”

These statements fill us with pride and encourage us to pursue our technological evolution with even greater commitment.