15 July 2019

Digibend 400: the Euromac bending machine

Euromac is proud of all the produced machinery and tools and today we are going to introduce to you the one that gives us the greatest satisfaction, both in commercial terms and usefulness to our customers terms. Every laboratory or workshop that processes copper or iron should have a DIGIBEND 400. Why? We are happy to explain more about it.

The DIGIBEND 400 guarantees high quality production.
Thefirst advantag is the design of our horizontal bending machine: to bend a piece of iron or copper will be easier. The plan of the DIGIBEND is obtained by processing a single block of Meehanite® 700N / mm2 (no welds present), the cylinder is completely integrated into the structure.

Fold repeatability is guaranteed.
Serial production requires repeatable processing, even in the long run. The DIGIBEND 400 an incredible fold repeatability (0.05 mm) even after thousands of pieces.

Software Difisoft, Touch Screen and Wifi
The DIGIBEND 400 is sold with our Digisoft software included. That will allow to program the various production phases such as punching, bending or straightening. The machine can be controlled via a Touch  monitor, that can be connected to the network thanks to the integration of Wifi.

Would you like to know something more? Download the catalog for free and contact Euromac: we will be happy to tell you about our DIGIBEND 400. We look forward to seeing you in September with important news on the new release of the DIGIBEND 400. Stay tuned!