EUROMAC Technologie bietet Jahre der Produktion

EUROMAC hydraulische Stanzmaschinen sind konzipiert für Zuverlässigkeit und Richtigkeit.

  • Der normalisierte Meehanite C-Rahmen Monoblock Stahlguss (65 Kg/mm2) eliminiert Bewegungen und ermöglicht ein genaues Stanzen.
  • Der integrierte hydraulik Zylinder ist im Stanzkopf und Monoblock integriert. Versichert stabile und präzise Ausrichtung, wodurch Materialverschleiss reduziert wird, und ermöglicht genaue Ausrichtung zwischen Stempel und Matrize. Das extra lange Führungssystem ist gehärtet und dauerhaft für max. Langlebigkeit. (CE Patent n° 0563444).
  • Linear movement and accuracy in motion is provided by the high-precision hardened guides combined with ball screws which require lubrication only after 25.000 km. of axis movement.
  • The intelligent new hydraulic pressure system (patent pending) significantly sets itself apart from others in the market for:
    • The ram requires oil flow and pressures according to the required punch force only. This reduces oil movement, reduces oil temperature and as a result wear and tear as well as operating cost.
    • You can modify ram speed as well as the top and bottom position of the ram stroke with high precision.
    • High speed hit rate: 750 strokes in nibbling mode.
  • We recommend additional external cooling system, suggested for countries with ambient temperatures typically higher than 35°C.
  • The EUROMAC's easy to use control panel makes parts programming fast, simple and intuitive. EUROMAC always employs industrial PC technology with proven operating software versions and ample RAM memory. The large shock resistant color LCD is easy to read from all distances. All PC controls can be easily networked to up and down loads even complex NC programs.
  • Customer generated DXF files or any other drawing format can be converted into EUROMAC CNC code by external CAD-CAM packages, available from almost any vendor for these products. This allows you to maintain your current software solution of pick o­ne which covers your future needs for flexibility.
  • The PC control is capable of multitasking. This means you can program new tasks while the machine is producing.
  • The control panel is held o­n a independent stand, which can be moved to the location at the machine you find most convenient. You quickly adjust the height and inclination of the panel to the most ergonomic position for each operator. The cabinet below the panel provides convenient storage for tools, data storage media, UPS or a modem.
  • We recommend the optional UPS unit to safeguard your work progress against unexpected power fluctuations in your line voltage or spikes caused by adjacent welding equipment. The UPS guarantees stable power to your PC and modem for at least 30 minutes after failure, securing your data.
  • If you provide a modem and have access to communication lines which can assure clean data transmission to our offices you can benefit from EUROMAC's Tele-Service capabilities (TSN), the fastest way to connect with EUROMAC service and your machine, maximizing your machine availability.

EUROMAC - Accuracy and Reliability


Meehanite® C-frame monoblock
  Meehanite® C-Rahmen Monoblock  
EUROMAC CNC intuitive controle
  EUROMAC CNC Intuitive Bedienfeld  
External programming options
  External programming options  
MTX 5 station turret
  MTX 5 station turret  
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